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Joe Zajac
  Online Sales Consultant

Phone: (877) 934-4864

PEG 400

Bulk PEG 400

Please contact us direct for totes and tanker quotes.  We have various stocking locations in Texas, Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, California, Georgia, and international locations.  We do ship internationally.

Depending on your system volume, we can provide deep discounts as low $0.89 per pound FOB.  Pricing on glycol is extremely volatile, so quotes can typically only be good for 30 days.  Good news is pricing has stabilized after 8 months of solid price increases in early 2010 and late 2009.

Contact our Bulk expert, Joe Zajac, direct 800-658-7716.

We can provide FOB and delivered quotes for PEG 400 technical grade or USP grade

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